It was a good try, but Catholicism.Rocks has failed. After several months of operation, there were still less than twenty users. There is clearly no market for a Catholic only instance of the Mastodon Social Network. But hey, we're setting up for user blogs, and we still provide email @Catholicism.Rocks to our users. Check back soon, if you are interested in having a blog. The plan is to provide a free, self-hosted WordPress based blog and an email address to all Catholics that have an interest. Naturally, we will happily accept donations for this service, but there will never be a fee for this service.

Check your @Catholicism.Rocks email HERE. Our email is private, secure and simple. It works great with Android, PC and Linux with apps/desktop apps that support encryption, as well as just plain ol' regular, non tin-foil-hat users!!!

Check out our Catholic Minecraft "CatholiCraft" Facebook page HERE. Our CatholiCraft Minecraft Servers provide a safe place for Catholic children and adults to play without fear of inappropriate chat, content or player built creations. We'd be happy to have you!